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Keep on Wobblin’!

Keep on Wobblin’!

Yup, that’s us!  Being brave and parasailing during our trip to Jamaica!   And it was wonderful.  Typically I’m pretty afraid of heights, but for some reason it was fine and I wasn’t frightened at all.  Thom got a little bit “seasick” or perhaps “airsick” is a better term for it, but we both had a good time.  And, now that we’re both in our 60’s, it really is about “wobblin” through life and doing exciting things like parasailing.

A quick kiss before takeoff!


Up up and Away!


Take off


We spent a lot of time just sitting on the beach, it was so gorgeous, but it was pretty hot too.  Here’s my sister-in-law and me, sitting in the shade, waiting for the guys (as usual).

Bonnie and Me!


Would we do it again?  And by “again” I mean – go to Jamaica and stay at an “All Inclusive Resort” – well yes and no – we probably won’t do Jamaica again, but we’d definitely do an “All Inclusive”.  Jamaica was very hard for me because outside of the resort there was so much poverty and we had a lot of warnings about not venturing too far out of the resort.  We like to explore wherever we go and we heard a lot about crime due to poverty.  Would I stay at an “all inclusive” resort again.  Very definitely, it’s so nice to have so many things to do, so many restaurants to visit, so many drinks to drink without always pulling out a wallet.  But we definitely know to watch for “deals”, it doesn’t help to do an “all inclusive” unless it’s a great price, often, you can plan vacations for a lot less than an all inclusive resort, but if you watch for deals, you can get some great pricing for a cheap vacation.

Next stop – Greece – yes, that’s right, we’re headed for two weeks in Greece in March.

Stay safe and keep making those memories