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2018 – Wobbliest Year Ever!

Wobbliest Year Ever!

Yes, that’s right, 2018 was our Wobbliest Year Ever and we didn’t get much of a chance to travel like we normally do. A member of our immediate family had a catastrophic accident that caused us to stay in Portland for about 6-8 weeks (good thing we had Myles our motorhome). Life has changed dramatically for this individual but we’re all thankful he’s still in our lives!

Couples Swept Away

We did get an opportunity to take a trip to Jamaica in September with my brother and his wife. We stayed at the “Couples Swept Away” resort in Negril and it was fantastic.

Cliff House
Cliff House Deck over looking the ocean before dinner one night.

We ate, snorkeled, ate, took a river rafting trip, ate, went parasailing and ate some more. It’s an all inclusive resort and had some great restaurants … buffet, casual, walk up, order from a menu and it seemed like there was a bar to order any drink you wanted about every 100 feet.

With our favorite waitress, Stacey B.

Scuba Diving

My brother has gone scuba diving every vacation we’ve been on together and talked me into giving it a try. There were certified scuba-diving instructors at the resort and the lessons were free so I had to give it a try. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, I’m more of a snorkeler but I’m glad I tried it … I may try again but who knows for sure.

Mary Jane

It’s everywhere and I mean everywhere, I bet we were approached at least 3-4 times every day to see if we want to purchase any. We live in Washington where recreational marijuana is legal so it really wasn’t that big a deal for us. But the resort had the best picture … one of their policemen watering a pot plant. It was hilarious the first time we saw it and of course, we had to document it.

It was a vacation to be remembered and one that was definitely needed. We’re planning some vacations for this year, including a trip to Greece in March, and Arizona in April (to babysit the grandkids) and we’d like to plan at least one or two more trips.

Hold your loved ones close, you never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball!!!!

Stay safe and keep making those memories.