Road Trip

It’s been a while

Jantzen RV Park

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve posted and I apologize for that.  We ended up spending about 6 weeks in an RV Park in Portland Oregon, Jantzen RV Park.  We had a family member who had a pretty extensive injury and was at OHSU for quite a long time.  We’re back home now and there’s still a lot of rehab work, but we’re all very optimistic.  These are the times when you realize how important family is and the strength of a close family.  I’m grateful that our family has rallied and come together to get through this.

RV Spaces

Spaces at the RV Park

Jantzen Beach RV Park

Portland, OR

What can I say about Portland?  Lots of food trucks, lots of great places to eat, hardly any RV Parks.  Jantzen RV Park was one of those “all purpose” RV parks, meaning it had mobile homes, permanent RVs and camping RVs.  We, of course, were in the “camping” area.  We were lucky we found the place because there aren’t very many RV parks close to Portland, you have to go outside of Portland about 30-45 minutes for more RV park choices.

I’ve got to tell you, they were very accommodating to us and they kept the grounds immaculate.  It’s a “Good Sam” park and has a 10/10 rating.  And it has a lot of different amenities, way too many to mention all of them: close to shopping, two swimming pools, a bike path that runs next to the Columbia River, an immaculate laundry room, great wifi, cable tv and friendly helpful staff.  We will definitely be back.

Hayden Island

The park is actually located on Hayden Island in between Portland OR and Vancouver WA.  It was only about 10 miles to OHSU but the road going north (I-405) to get to Hayden Island was always packed!  We could get to just about anywhere we wanted to go, going south from the park in about 10-20 minutes, coming back (north) to the park, on the other hand, was always a trial, usually taking between 30-60 minutes no matter what time of day it was.

Hayden Island
Hayden Island, OR

Stolen E-Bike

We did have one bad experience while we were there, Thom’s electric bike was stolen.  Hard to believe because it was within our dog fence and chained to our RV steps.  So, they had to climb over the fence and then cut the bike lock.  It happened in the middle of the night and none of us heard a thing, the dogs didn’t even bark.  We called the police and they took a report, we called our insurance and filed a claim, we called the pawn shops – we never got the bike back.

But we found a guy in Portland who makes custom e-bikes and Thom got a new e-bike that was so much better than his first bike.  Of course, I was jealous and that meant I had to have a new e-bike too.  They are fat tire (for our beach rides) 750 watts and have 6 speeds on the derailer and 6 speeds on the controller.  The battery lasts a lot longer too.  Wow, they are nice!!!  The closest bike we can find on line to what we purchased is the MS2 750 watt bike, and that’s because our builder modeled his bikes after the MS2 but charges about half the price.

Stay safe and keep making those memories.