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I’m Delinquent! (but not a delinquent)

Good Grief!!  I can’t believe it, I’m Delinquent (but not a delinquent)!  It’s been almost a month since I’ve last posted.  For you readers, that’s probably a bad thing.  For me, I guess it means that I’m taking my retirement seriously.  I find that I’m not driven by goals and timelines like I used to be and it’s something that snuck up on me.  I always thought of myself as being “very goal driven” and enjoyed meeting “timelines”.  It wasn’t hard for me and in fact, it was pretty easy.  But not working on a specific timeline is turning out to be pretty easy too!

So, we made it home safe and sound after 64 days on the road and over 3,300 miles!  It was a great trip with a lot of family time and a lot of new sights.  It’s so easy to understand why people “snowbird” and I think it means we’ve turned into snowbirds.  We came home to weather in the 30’s-40’s and a lot of wind and rain.  Then, it not only hailed one day but it also snowed, which is something very unusual in Ocean Shores.  And as you can see from the picture, it was pretty overcast that day.

Snow in Ocean Shores
Kosmo and Quigley enjoying the snow in the front yard.

From days in Apache Junction to Lake Havasu and San Diego, getting Myles restriped and newly upholstered captains chairs, we really didn’t experience any problems at all with Myles, and considering he’s 18 years old, we consider that a pretty good accomplishment.  And Larry, the 28-year-old Suzuki Sidekick, gets a lot of looks and “thumbs up” from people who know Suzuki Sidekicks and their reputation as a great, easy to maintain “tow vehicle”.  He’s really a little trooper and like Thom says, when we pull up somewhere, people expect a bunch of clowns to climb out because he really looks like a little circus clown car.  But, perhaps it’s true, Thom and I are the clowns that end up climbing out.

So, I’m delinquent and have some catching up to do … some campground reviews and our visit to San Diego with family.  Stay tuned, I hope to have them up in the next few days, but heck, without any timelines, it may take me a little while.

Stay safe and keep making memories.