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Myles, the motorhome, is stylin’ again!

Rexhall RoseAir
Myles with the RoseAir Logo
RoseAir Rexhall
Myles Right Side
Myles Left Side

Myles Facelift

Yup, Myles’ facelift is complete and we couldn’t be happier.  He looks great and is pretty darn happy with himself.  We can’t say enough good things about the shop that did the work.  RV Stripes and Graphics in Apache Junction, AZ (rvsg.com).  Steve and his crew were a pleasure to work with and they went over and above for us.  There are some very talented guys on that staff!  If you’re near the Phoenix area and need some striping or graphics for your RV, we highly recommend them.

RV Striping and Graphics

We were enthralled with their process.  We gave them a picture of Myles original striping, then the team at RVSG used the “shading and marks” left over from when we removed his striping. (That’s one of the reasons we had him re-striped, once we removed his old striping, you could still see marks where his old striping was.) Then, using the picture and the marks from the old striping they drew it back out on Myles with a light pencil.  Their very talented graphics artist then created a mock up for us to view, complete with color matching of our original colors.  Once we saw that, we gave them the “thumbs up” to proceed.

They created the graphic package and to make sure that they hid all of the old, crusty striping marks that we were trying to get rid of, they made the new striping/graphics just a “smidge” bigger (about 1/8″ to 1/4″).  And you can’t even tell that the graphics are bigger and the new graphics cover the old graphics marks completely.

The guys at RV Striping and Graphics are so talented and we can’t recommend them enough.  (They even offered to let us stay behind their shop in the RV while they completed the work.  Apparently a lot of people do that, we chose not to.)

Motel Six Experience

We made it through the Motel Six experience without any bed bugs and without any mishaps.  The dogs did great and we had plenty of places to walk them.  The only downside was that someone always had to be in the room with the dogs or we had to take the dogs with us.  And poor little Larry, the Suzuki Sidekick, was a little crowded with all five of us in there, plus it was pretty hot and we wouldn’t leave the dogs unattended.  The good news was that we had a microwave and refrigerator, plus we brought our ice maker with us.  It was better than I thought it was going to be, but it’s very good to be back with Myles again.

Old Myles

Remember how bad his striping was before we removed it?  Yuk, all faded and cracked.

Faded and cracked
Myles faded and cracked striping
faded and cracked striping
Myles faded and cracked striping
Striping partially removed
Poor Myles with his striping partially removed.


And, remember what he looked like when his striping was removed?

No striping
Myles with striping removed

Re-Striped and Looking Classy Myles

Poor guy, he looked so old and dated.  Much older than his 18 years.  And he’s a very proud, Rexhall RoseAir, which was a top of the line model when he was new!  Known for being very safe (all steel frame construction) and all top of the line amenities.  There are so many things we like about Myles and so happy we chose him.  And now we’re even happier that we’ve updated his look.  He deserves to look stylin’ and classy!

Rexhall RoseAir

Reupholstering the Captain’s Chairs

Oh, and I almost forgot, we also got our captains chairs reupholstered. They were looking pretty dingy and dirty and the foam was all compressed. We found a small upholstery shop called Escobedo’s Upholstery in Apache Junction.  (They have a small facebook presence but no website.)  They went to RV Stripes and Graphics, removed both chairs, picked some pleather to match our current interior, reupholstered and then returned them and reinstalled them for us all while RVSG was doing their work.  The chairs now look beautiful and well worth the very cost effective expense.

To wrap it all up, the re-striping and reupholstery were two of the smartest things we’ve ever done for Myles and we’re happy we did it.  We highly recommend both of these two vendors and hope you’ll consider them for work if you’re in the Phoenix/Apache Junction area.

Stay safe and keep making those memories.