Myles old striping
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New Year’s Road Flu & Cold or maybe some bad Chinese.

Well the New Year started out pretty darn good, we had a nice lunch with the grandkids so it was nice to see them, but then the week started going downhill.  Deb got a really nice cold, it almost felt like the flu, but with no body aches and fever but now it seems like Thom may have the flu or perhaps something from last night’s Chinese, we’re hopeful it’s just a 24-hour thing for him.  We both even got a flu shot before we left Washington State.

Myles Facelift

It might be easier if we were in Myles, the motorhome, but we’re here in a Motel Six for a week while we get a facelift for Myles.  Yup, that’s right, Myles is getting a facelift and getting re-striped.  He’s really going to be styling!  You might remember when we removed his original striping a while ago.  Our plan was always to get him re-striped once we made it down to Arizona, mainly because there are so many RV/Camping services for snowbirds so we had more vendors and services to choose from.  And, we’re also getting our captains chairs reupholstered too. You can see in the pictures below how bad his original striping was after 17 years in the California/Arizona sun.  (Remember, we flew down from WA and bought Myles sight unseen?)

Some of the striping removed
Myles old striping
Myles original striping
removing striping
Myles during removal of striping
cracked striping
Myles cracked striping

And this was Myles after we removed his striping.  He looked pretty good, but pretty plain too.


No striping
Myles with striping removed.

Motel 6

So, we’re in a Motel Six until this Friday. We chose a Motel Six because they allow dogs and it’s actually working out pretty well for them.  The room is fairly large, on the ground floor with our own door so it’s easy to take the dogs in and out.  In addition, there’s a couple of nice “fields” nearby where we can walk them easily.

So, unless a miracle occurs and the striping and upholstery work get done early, we’re here until Friday.  I guess we can dream.

Stay safe and keep making those memories.