Road Trip

On the Road again

We made it to Apache Junction/Mesa area and will be here for a couple of weeks visiting our son and his family, the “Arizona Griers”. We are staying at the Apache Junction KOA.  But more about that later.  We left home about 8:00 AM exactly a week ago and made it to Apache Junction on Wednesday, two days before we had planned.  Thom likes to get where he’s going and he’s not into leisurely drives like I am.  If I see something at an exit, I want to stop, and he just wants to keep going and get as far as he can that day.  It makes for some interesting conversations in the RV, let me tell you!

But I’ve figured out how to manage it … we took off without any reservations each night, we only had reservations once we got to Apache Junction so we started looking for places to stay toward the end of the day.  We’ve never done that before, I’ve always planned way ahead and had our nightly stops mapped out.  I’m going back to that method, because then Thom doesn’t drive for the entire day and we can set up and have a leisurely dinner every night,  Who cares if it takes us 5 days to get somewhere as opposed to 3 days (other than Thom) but from now on, I’m mapping out stops.

We were lucky the KOA in Apache Junction could take us two days early.  We got a deluxe site, meaning it has a cement patio, with a metal patio table and umbrella, a barbecue grill and an outdoor sink.  We won’t need to pull out our grill in order to cook.  Plus it’s super spacious, it’s a nice place to stay while we’re in the area visiting our son and his family.  It’s kind of on the edge of Mesa so we typically have about a 20-minute drive to get anywhere, but we’re OK with that. The people are nice here, it’s very clean, there’s a small area for the dogs near us, but we mainly walk them around the park.

The first night, we stayed at an RV Park in Rogue River Oregon called Bridgeview RV Park,  you may remember we stayed there last September when we were coming home from our last trip.  We always get a pull-through site right on the river, but I think they give us that because the rest of the park has a lot of “full-timers” staying there, or long-term guests.  It’s easy on and off the freeway, plus Rogue River is just a cute little town and beautiful part of Oregon. And because we are parked right next to the river, there’s a nice grassy spot where we can walk the dogs.  (I’ll take this moment to complain about people who don’t pick up after their dogs – it’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine and something I consider to be very rude!  But just like you can’t fix stupid, I’m not sure you can fix rude either.)

Bridgeview RV Resort
Kylie and Kosmo are happy to be back on the road and back at Bridgeview RV park.


Our second night we stayed at a little county park in San Joaquin County CA called Dos Reis Park in Lathrop CA.  It’s a small unassuming little park with less than 30 RV sites and only about 5 were pull through.  We were able to pull right in without a reservation and find a spot pretty easily.  It was kind of weird though, we were just getting ready to set up when a lady drove up in her pick up and told us that our neighbors weren’t very nice or friendly and we might want to pick another spot.  She advised us that there was a spot right across from her that was very nice and a pull through.  We thanked her but chose a spot that was not near her nor the unfriendly neighbors.  We were both so tired that night, that after dinner we went straight to bed.  We were up early the next morning and on our way.

We took I-5 all the way down to Los Angeles where we caught I-210 then onto I-10.  Right near Ventura county and the fires … but we didn’t see any flames, nor smell any smoke and it didn’t even appear smoky or hazy.  According to the weather report, it was because the wind was blowing the smoke away.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by these fires, it’s so sad.

So, Apache Junction, here we are.  We’ve spent the last couple of days hanging out with our son, TJ; his wife, Lisa and our three grandkids, Riker, Olivia and Scarlett.  It’s been such a pleasure to see them and it’s been way too long.  Last night was pretty fun because we were invited to go with them to their church’s Christmas Party … it was a “Whoville Christmas” complete with a Grinch, Santa Claus and a Chair of Cheer (which TJ and Thom quickly made Friday afternoon).

Whoville Christmas
The Griers and Whoville Christmas

We’ve even managed to decorate Myles, the motorhome, just a little bit with a small tree and some indoor lights.  And of course, Quigley supervised us the whole time.  He’s a much better decorator than I am … I’m clueless when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Myles is ready for Christmas

That’s been our week so far, this next week, we hope to have more time to explore the area around Mesa and Apache Junction.  So stay tuned.

Stay safe and keep making those memories.