Campground at Garden of the Gods RV Park
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Campground Review – Garden of the Gods RV

Hola!!!  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything, the holiday season is busy, busy, busy!  But it’s time for me to do another review of one a campground we’ve stayed at.  Garden of the Gods RV Resort.

We ended up staying at this resort for 5 nights because we met my brother and sister-in-law in Colorado Springs, they had a hotel room right across the road from the RV park.  It was easy to coordinate with them because they were so close.  And you’ll know from my earlier posts that we did a lot while we were in Colorado Springs.

Campground Tight spaces and crowded

The resort is nicely located and very close to Garden of the Gods park, plus it’s close to numerous other sites and attractions, so it’s got that going for it.

Campground crowded rv park

However, it’s very much a campground for permanent campers, it seems to be specifically set up for folks who are living full time in their RV without moving it around too much.  We saw a tiny home there, we also saw a number of RVs with built on porches, etc.  Plus it’s very very crowded and everything is close together.  The laundry room was exceptional with large capacity washer and dryers at a reasonable price.  The pool was right by the office but I never saw anyone using it and it was hot while we were there.  And there was a little food truck that served fast good options every night.

All in all, it suited our purposes just fine because we weren’t there much, but in the future, I’d probably choose a different place to stay.