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The unbelievable phenomenon of the Traveling Camping Jammies!

Yes, that’s right … Camping Jammies.  I’m not sure how this craze got started but I do know it’s all over Facebook and both women and men are on the bandwagon to buy, wear and sleep in “camping jammies“.  Yes, that’s right, “camping jammies

If you’re a member of various camping or RV groups on Facebook you’ll see a lot of pictures of camping women in their camping jammies.  And believe it or not, they’ve even talked some of their men into putting on these camping jammies.

camping jammies

I’m not sure if it’s a craze, a phenomenon or a conspiracy!  But it’s astounding, to say the least.  In fact, there’s one Facebook group that calls itself the RV Pajama Party! and in a very short time, they’ve amassed more than 11,000 members and are now starting State Chapters with meetups.  RV Pajama Party was the brainchild of Krissy Ronk, I asked Krissy how the RV Pajama Party Facebook group got started.

Here’s what Krissy shared with me:

“Back in July I was on an RV page and people started posting pictures of these cute pajamas that were being bought at Walmart. While tons of the group members loved all the posts and they brought so much joy to so many, a lot of other members were upset by them and got very annoyed. I made a joke saying ‘someone should start a group dedicated to the pj’s!’ A lot of people agreed and loved the idea but no one actually did it.

At that time I was in a very dark place in my life. Due to some horrible circumstances, I was very depressed. I thought to myself that it might be fun to start the group. Maybe get a couple hundred fun, easy going folks to join and just enjoy it. So I started the page and to my surprise within the first week, we had over 2000 members. Some of the greatest, most loving people ever! The group started because of a pair of pajamas and has truly turned into so much more! We talk about adventures. RV clothing and accessories. We do prayer requests for people who need some encouragement and support. My moderators are a husband and wife I met on the page who have turned into close friends. It really made a huge impact on my life. There have even been events planned and conquered all over the country where members meet up and everyone is invited. It’s really heartwarming. Four short months later, were over 11,000 members strong and still climbing.”

Who would have thought that a pair of pajamas would start such a phenomenon?

There are also at least two other groups that I am aware of that have embraced this craze, “Fabulous RVing Women” and “Fun RV Stuff”.  Fabulous RVing Women also has State Chapters!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to jump into this craze?  I know, I got caught up in the hype and have managed to buy my camping jammies.  If you want camping jammies too so you can join the group, you can find them at Walmart or Amazon.  There’s a link below to Amazon.

Stay safe and keep making those memories.