Road Trip

Receipts, Receipts – I’m drowning in receipts

When I was working, I hated doing expense reports and keeping track of receipts.  Now that I’m not working, I find myself still surrounded by receipts.  Whether it’s to keep them for warranty work, (although buying online through Amazon makes keeping those receipts EASY) or whether it’s keeping them to track all your expenses when you’re traveling.

I made the mistake of keeping all of our paper receipts while we were traveling, instead of trying to use a “receipt keeper”.  There are quite a number of them in the app store, and many of them are free.  Why pay for something when you can get it free, right?  And they also integrate with various accounting packages.

I’m a CONVERT!  And going to electronic receipts.  After reading a number of reviews, I’ve decided on Turbo Scan, and easy, unpretentious little app.  It’s not fancy but it does what I need – keep track of my receipts for me to the cloud. It also has a paid version which is more robust but the free version works well for me right now.

PC MagazIne reviews the paid version, Turbo Scan Pro, but I’m perfectly happy with the free version on my iPhone.  Who knows, I may decide to upgrade but for now, this is fine.  Just fine!

Have you found an easier way to keep track of your expenses on the road?  If so, I’m all ears!!!

Stay safe and keep making those memories.