Road Trip

Synopsis – 35 days on the Road

Yes, we’re home and I put together some interesting facts in a little synopsis about our trip.  We visited 11 States and stayed in 13 RV Parks over the 35 day period and we crossed the Continental Divide twice.

I divided our trip expenses into the following categories:

  • Accommodations
  • Activities (river rafting, horseback riding, tours, etc)
  • Dining (meals at restaurants)
  • Fuel
  • Groceries
  • Pharmacy
  • Souvenirs

Our main expenses were obviously the RV Parks and fuel for Myles and Larry.  We ate almost all of our meals in the motorhome. I didn’t include grocery expenses in the cost of the trip because we would have eaten at home, so those didn’t cost us any more than if we had stayed home.   I also didn’t include our pharmacy expenses since those are normal expenses we have whether traveling or staying home.

Other trip expenses that we had were dining out, activities and souvenirs.  If I add those all together, they were quite high on a daily average and I’m convinced we can lower those costs and still have a great trip no matter where we are going.   Obviously, this doesn’t include the cost of maintenance and insurance, but I’ll look at those as more of an annual expense than a trip expense.  Eventually, I’ll have to put them together but for this first trip, I’m pretty happy with where we are at.  

Without those expenses, we were able to keep our daily trip expenses under $90 per day.  I’d say that’s pretty darn good, it’s less per day than the cost of one night in a hotel/motel, plus we got to have our dogs with us.  

So, ultimately, I’d say it was a great trip and we’re both looking forward to our next big trip to Arizona at the beginning of the year.  And, I’m convinced we can do that less expensively and still enjoy ourselves.

What do you think, would an RV be the way to go for you too?

Stay safe and keep making those memories.