Road Trip

Google Maps keeps changing my mind plus Old Fogeys and Young Whippersnappers!

We use Google Maps to map out our destinations and get us to our next stay.  I was going NUTS and Thom was about ready to shoot me, Google maps had us going in the worst possible directions and I couldn’t figure it out, it had always been so reliable and helpful before.  Before I never, ever got lost; never went the wrong direction, never had to make an illegal U-turn, it was always right on!!!

What the heck was going on?  We’d put in our route, and we’d usually choose a route that wasn’t the “quickest”.  Google maps always defaults to choosing the quickest route to get you somewhere, and we often pick one a little bit slower for various reasons – better scenery, less mountains, etc.  But Google maps kept changing the route to the quickest and it kept trying to get us back to that quickest route so it was always recalculating and we’d wind up in the weirdest places (especially if we were in town)!  We’d wind up on skinny, narrow streets with low hanging branches, it was awful.

Thom thought I was losing it (and so did I, as a matter of fact) and it was causing us a lot of hassle and a lot of stress.

It was a conundrum.  But I finally figured it out!!!  Once you choose your route, put your device on “AIRPLANE mode” and the route won’t change.  Google maps keeps track of your route when you’re offline so that if you lose cell coverage, you’ve still got your route in your device and can keep going.  By putting your device on airplane mode, it keeps your original route and it won’t change it back to the quickest route.  SUCCESS!!!  It’s a small victory but an important one!!!

Whew, what a relief, now that we have that figured out, our drives are a lot less stressful!!

As you know, Myles the motorhome and Larry, the tow are seasoned classics.  Myles is 17 years old and Larry is 27 years old.  And so far, wherever, we camp (and it’s usually in RV parks for this trip) it seems as if Myles is the oldest RV and Larry is the oldest tow in the whole campground.

Yup, we’re the old Fogeys surrounded by a bunch of young Whippersnappers.

Every other RV looks so new and shiny, but Myles is still looking pretty darn good after all of the updates we made to him. He’s looking pretty good now but he is an Old Fogey.  I know for a fact we spent a lot less money than we would have if we bought a newer-used model or brand new.  I’d say that even with our changes, we’ve probably saved over 50% which goes a long way when paying for our road trips.


And we’re awful darn proud of Myles, we’ve logged over 2,000 miles on this trip and haven’t had any problems whatsoever.  His engine is strong, he hasn’t burned a drop of oil, his transmission is doing great, no brake problems and we’ve been known to actually pass other RVs going up steep mountain grades.  He’s like the energizer bunny!  (Knock on wood, let’s hope I didn’t just jinx us).  He keeps going and going and going.

So, we’ve left Logan and Bear Lake and on our way to Reno, via Elko NV and staying in Iron Horse RV Park in Elko.  Just staying one night in Elko and then on to Reno for two nights to see another dear friend.  The stay in Logan/Bear Lake was bittersweet, I got to see my good friend Barb again (I saw her in Island Park, ID) and got to see all of the old hangouts when I was going to college at USU.  I was able to eat at the “Italian Place” sandwich shop after 35 years and it was just as good as I remembered it to be.  If you’re ever in Logan, I highly recommend it for lunch (it’s only open 11 to 4).  I’d forgotten how beautiful Cache Valley is, but it’s changed a lot and is about twice the size it was when i left.  I’m happy Barb was there to drive us around.

So, on to Reno for a couple of nights.

Stay tuned, stay safe and keep making those memories.