Road Trip

Yippee Ki Yi Yay – horseback riding in Canyonlands!

Still in Moab, UT and we found ourselves on a 2 1/2 hour horseback ride through Canyonlands.  It’s so hard to express the beauty of this land.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen with the red rock canyon walls and the oxidization turning some of the walls black.  They look like cast iron grills laid on their sides, the oxidization is so dark.  And they are simply beautiful.

If you’ve never been to the area, I encourage you to make the time to do it.

Yippee Ki Yi Yay – and we were off for the horseback ride of a lifetime.

We started the horseback ride at Red Cliffs Lodge.  It’s a beautiful lodge and has a museum dedicated to all of the movies that have been filmed in the area, from John Wayne through Susan Sarandon, this Lodge is well known among the Hollywood film industry and often used as a base camp for filmmakers.

The horseback ride itself was wonderful.  Neither Thom nor I have ever had lessons, I’ve learned by doing and probably ridden about 30-40 times and feel pretty comfortable on a horse, but I’m sure my technique needs improvement. Thom hasn’t ridden much at all, only 2 times with me, I’m not sure if he ever rode before, but one thing we’ve learned, his allergies and horses don’t mix well.  So while I enjoyed the ride tremendously, he suffered the whole time.  The poor guy, I’ll never ask him to ride a horse again.

There were eight of us on the ride with two guides, Jill and Laurie. And they were excellent guides, telling us about many of the rock formations, plants, and wildlife.  I rode “Oak” and Thom rode “Cowboy Alex”.

The ride itself was spectacular, we saw so much of the country that we wouldn’t have seen on our own.  We rode along a small stream and up closer to the canyon walls.  Laurie and Jill were excellent story tellers and very knowledgeable about the area.  We didn’t see any wildlife other than a few ground squirrels and a murder of crows. (Interesting factoid – Did you know that a group of crows is called a murder of crows?) But the scenery – there’s nothing at all to compare, absolutely nothing.

So, it turned out to be an excellent adventure and one I’d do over again in a heartbeat.  BUT, I wouldn’t ask Thom to go with me, his allergies just make it way too hard on him.  Perhaps I could talk one of you into going with me.  What do you think?

Yippee Ki Yi Yay!!!

Stay safe and keep making those memories.