Road Trip

Moab and River Rafting down the Colorado River

Yes, here we are in Moab, staying at the Portal RV ResortP, it’s an RV park that has spaces for sale, along with homes for sale in the North part of the park (which is known as the RV Resort).   Then there’s an RV park on the South side (which is known as the campground).  Interestingly enough the Resort side won’t rent spaces to motorhomes that are more than 10 years old.  Which means we’re in the campground side of the resort since Myles is 17 years old.

The Resort has a private swimming pool, the campground has a pond for swimming.  The Resort has large cement pads that are fully landscaped while the campground has gravel with some landscaping and grass.  The campground is wonderful, the spaces are wide and not too close to each other.  There’s an off leash dog park along with a pond to let the dogs swim.  It’s pretty central to Moab and easy to get in and out.   We haven’t tried swimming in the pond but our neighbors state that it’s very warm and the water is clear and fresh, coming down from the mountains and flowing through the pond.

Today we took a river rafting trip, through the Canyon Voyages Adventure Company, although river floating would have been more accurate.  We floated down the Colorado River through the Fisher’s Tower portion of the river.    This time of the year, the water flows pretty slowly and is not as high as it is in the spring after the winter snow melts.  We only went through class 1 and class 2 level rapids, but it was a beautiful float.  The scenery is spectacular and not something you can easily imagine unless you see it for yourself.

And the water was wonderful at approximately 72 degrees, I decided to take a dip and probably floated down the river about a mile or so.  I couldn’t believe how relaxing and refreshing the water was, especially since it was about 100 degrees outside, even in the morning.


Apparently, this area is known for having a lot of movies shot here, especially Westerns.  “The Lone Ranger” with Johnny Depp was filmed here, John Wayne filmed a lot of his Westerns here, and Tom Cruise climbed one of the mesas here for “Mission Impossible II” and many, many more.

So, can you tell me the difference between a mesa and a butte? Interesting factoid – A butte is taller than it is wide, and a mesa is wider than it is tall.  (I can remember that because butte has a “t” in it).


Tomorrow we’re taking a horseback riding trip,  Let’s hope it’s not too hot.  I love horses but never had any formal lessons,  and in spite of no lessons, I do pretty well.  It’s like most things, you have to let the horse know you’re boss within the first five minutes of getting in the saddle.  Then everything will be fine.

Stay safe and keep making those memories.