Road Trip

Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Cripple Creek, and the Anasazi-Manitou Cliff Dwellers.

We spent our last few days in Colorado Springs exploring even more than we had previously.  And it was wonderful.

We went through the Garden of the Gods again and stopped at the Visitor Center.  It’s a great source of information about the area.   But watch out for dinosaurs.  They are hungry and really hard to escape.  I got lucky, I kept my arm.


From there, we went to the Cave of the Winds and it was quite the adventure.  There is so much to do there for both adults and kids.  We decided to take the Lantern Tour which was extremely fun and interesting but not for the faint of heart if you suffer from claustrophobia.  You can see the lanterns we carried in the picture posted. The tour takes about 90 minutes and at one point we had to travel a 120-foot long tunnel of the cave that was only about 3.5 to 4 feet tall and at its narrowest was about 24 inches wide.  What made it even more fun is that it’s a pretty small group and the only lights are handheld lanterns that each person carries.  The guides were great and even provided a few ghost stories. Seriously it’s an interesting tour and not to be missed.  If the Lantern Tour isn’t for you, they have other tours that are less strenuous and not quite so dark and claustrophobic.  Plus for the kids (or the kid in you) , they had a climbing wall, a ropes course and both a “bat-a-pult” and “terror-dactyl”.  Just watching those rides scared the heck out of me.


We also took a quick half day trip to Cripple Creek (made famous by the Grateful Dead). It took us about 90 minutes to get there and was really quite a disappointment.  The town is dying and there are only three things to do in the town.  Gamble, ride the train and go to the gold mine.  It was pretty sad and we didn’t spend much time there.  Unless you’re a gambler, don’t bother going.  We took a quick 45-minute train ride on Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Guage Train.  They also had a tour of the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, but after our time in the Cave of the Winds, we weren’t really ready to go down 1000 feet into a gold mine.  So, we were back on the road again.  300px-Cripple_Creek_and_Victor_N.G.R.R

And, last but not least we stopped by the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi-Manitou. They were built in about 1100 AD and were fascinating.  The best part of it was that they had various rooms open that you could crawl in and out of and go from room to room through some of the hallways.  People were a lot smaller than they are now and some of those hallways and doorways were pretty darn tight.

Stay safe and keep making those memories.