Road Trip

Garden of the Gods, COG Railroad, Pike’s Peak and Colorado Springs!

Wow … just wow!  It’s beautiful here, I was here about 30 years ago, Thom’s never been here and Terry and Bonnie have visited frequently.  I’ve forgotten how beautiful this part of the country is and how nice it is to be in an area where people celebrate the outdoors. Not just appreciate it, but celebrate it.  There are so many businesses here that cater to outdoor enthusiasts.

We are staying at an RV park called “Garden of the Gods RV Park” and guess what it’s located right next to the Garden of the Gods.  Like most parks, there are pros and cons.  Pros – it’s central to just about everything around here in Colorado Springs, our site is very nice and level with a cement pad and good picnic table. They keep the park up nicely, restrooms and laundry room are clean and staff is friendly.  Cons- it is very cramped and busy, it seems like a lot of people are here very long term (we even saw a tiny house here), it’s a HUGE RV park and they only have one large dumpster for the whole park and depending on where you’re at, it could be a pretty long walk.  The biggest problem is the size and how cramped it is, you’re very close to your neighbor.  We are staying here for 5 nights and it will be fine, but only because we go someplace every day, we don’t hang out here.  If we were hanging out at the campsite, we would probably have found someplace else to stay.

To start out stay, we took the COG Train up to the top of Pike’s Peak which at 14,115 feet high is considered one of Colorado’s “fourteeners” … which is one of Colorado’s mountain peaks that are 14,000 feet or higher.  From there we rode bikes down to the bottom of the mountain for 20 miles.  It was totally exhilarating, and so much fun.  Most of the time we were traveling about 20-25 miles per hour on the road leading up to Pike’s Peak. Pike’s Peak Bike Tours were excellent and I highly recommend them if you’d like to bike down from Pike’s Peak.