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Island Park, ID – 33 mile Main Street, Mesa Falls and a long lost friend

Yup, we’re in Island Park, ID visiting a dear, dear friend from my home town in Sioux Falls, SD.

Funny story, we both grew up in SD, both went to the same high school (go Washington Warriors!!!) but didn’t actually meet until we were in college and living next door to each other in the Utah State University dorms.  And then we met in the bathroom because we both had a bloody nose at the same time.  Going from a sea level environment to a mountainous environment caused both of us to have bloody noses due to the altitude.  It was a momentous occasion, we ended up being the best of friends, roomed together for a few years and then lost touch with each other until the magic of Facebook.  So, we got to see Barb and meet her husband, Brett. Barb and I got pretty emotional seeing each other again after 30 years.  Never again will we wait that long to see each other.

Barb and Brett live on the Snake River in Island Park, ID. Island Park is known as the gateway to Yellowstone and claims that it has the longest main street in the US at 33 miles long. “The city’s population was 286 at the 2010 census, up from 215 in 2000. The city was incorporated by owners of the many lodges and resorts along U.S. Route 20 in 1947, primarily to circumvent Idaho’s liquor laws that prohibited the sale of liquor outside of city limits. It is only 500 feet wide in most locations and, at 33 miles long, claims to have the longest “Main Street” in the world.” Wikipedia.  It’s a beautiful area, one of those hidden gems located in the National Forest with tons of places to boondock.

Barb took us around Island Park, which meant we saw a lot of the National Forest and Main Street.  It’s such a beautiful area and I can’t wait to come back when we have more time.  One area we saw which was gorgeous and breathtaking was Mesa Falls, both from the upper part of the Falls to the lower Falls.

Upper Mesa Falls is a waterfall on the Henrys Fork in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Upstream from Lower Mesa Falls, it is roughly 16 miles away from Ashton, Idaho. Upper Mesa Falls is roughly 114 feet high, 200 feet wide and at an elevation of 5,600 feet. Wikipedia

We are staying at the Buffalo Run RV Park and it’s a nice little park with a lot of shade trees and grassy spaces between sites.  Not too crowded and the sites are nicely spaced, not the largest sites but not the smallest either.  Check out their photo gallery for some great pictures of the park.  Not to mention there are tons of activities to do in the area.  We had only planned to stay two nights, so we’ll definitely have to come back and spend a few more days here and see Barb and Brett again.

We did have a little bit of excitement when one of the neighbors was pulling in with their fifth wheel and managed to catch the back end of the bumper of Barb’s parked car.  We were in the motorhome talking away and laughing when Barb saw her car move and we all heard a loud pop.  The driver was horrified, he didn’t even feel hitting her car.But in the end, everything worked out, insurance info was exchanged and no one was hurt.  Plus we got to meet some pretty nice neighbors, they turned out to be great people, even though they did hit Barb’s car.  Sorry no pictures of the car, but needless to say, it’s gonna require a new tire, new bumper, new side panel and maybe a new door.

Henry really liked staying at Buffalo Run, he ran into some of his long lost Jackalope relatives.  They all hung out for a while, chasing each other around the park and reminiscing.


The Motley Crew also had a good time in Island Park and are really starting to settle into our life on the road.  Which is a huge relief.  We’re leaving tomorrow and will drive through Yellowstone on our way to the Black Hills and Madison SD.  After that, we’ll be spending more time at the places we stop, but for now, most of our stays are only one or two nights.  Looking forward to settling down for a few days rather than just one or two.

Stay safe out there and keep making those memories.

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