Road Trip

Liberty Lake, WA – We’re here, we’re watching the solar eclipse and Henry will never be the same.

We left bright and early Sunday morning at 4:55 AM to be exact, and we were on the road.  400 miles almost exactly and we got to Liberty Lake by noon.  It took us seven hours to go 402 miles with one gas stop and one rest stop.

Liberty Lake Regional Park is a beautiful park with both tent and RV camping.  All sites are pull-thru and all have electricity, water, and sewer. They are a little close but with only 18 RV sites and 6 tent sites, it’s nice, cozy little park set back in the woods surrounded by trees.    There are a number of hiking trails, an off-road vehicle park, a beach and a day use area with a nice playground and picnic sites, plus there are three beautiful 18 hole golf courses within 3 miles.  And, darn it, we forgot our golf clubs.


Interesting factoid … Liberty Lake was originally named Grier Lake after some of Thom’s earlier relatives, an Indian fighter that was a Major in the Army.  It was renamed later by the first man who settled here.  He renamed it Liberty Lake, after himself.  No hubris there. Too bad it’s not still named Grier Lake.  The pictures below were taken at Liberty Lake as we hiked around early Sunday evening.

The eclipse started here at 9:13 AM PST and will peak at 10:17 and we’re watching it closely (and of course, we’re using our ISO certified glasses, we don’t want to burn our retinas).  Solar eclipses happen all of the time, but they don’t always happen where they cross the entire US.  I remember seeing a partial eclipse when I was in 4th grade in Sioux Falls, SD, but I don’t remember much about it … I do remember trying to see it in a little viewing box that each of us made before the eclipse.  And turning my back to the sun and trying to see the eclipse through a little hole against a piece of paper in the box. That’s what I remember most, the box I made, not the actual eclipse.  But maybe that’s because I didn’t see anything with that stupid pin hole box.

Eclipse Box

I’m so glad that this time we have the eclipse glasses and that they are ISO certified.  Now if only we had some of those Krispy Kreme eclipse donuts I hear everyone talking about. (Shout out to Chris and Gayle, they’ll know who we’re talking about).


The Motley Crew, aka our dogs: Quigley, Kylie and Kosmo, didn’t really think too much nor care about the solar eclipse so they just sat quietly while we took peeks every 5-10 minutes.  It was a pretty neat experience and I realize I’ll probably never see something like that again (unless I fly my lear jet up to Nova Scotia – thank you, Carly Simon) so, I’m glad it’s something we took the time to follow.

Now, Henry, the Jackalope didn’t fare so well … he thought with his special Jackalope powers that he could look at the eclipse without special glasses or a viewing box. Unfortunately, he was wrong and he’s damaged his retinas.  Not to worry though, his special powers will have his eyes back to normal in 2-3 days and he’ll be back again.  He didn’t want us to take a photo of him, he’s pretty embarrassed that he didn’t pay attention to any of  the warnings.


We viewed safely, the Motley Crew didn’t care, but poor Henry.  It’s gonna take him a few days to get back to normal.

So, what was your experience with the eclipse today?  Tell us about your experience and thoughts. And as always,

Stay safe out there and keep making those memories.