Road Trip

How much wood could a woodchuck burn if a burn ban wasn’t in place? And the beauty of propane fire pits.

Did you know that most forest fires are started by campfires? Did you know that in 2016 from January thru December, 65,575 fires burned 5,446,520 acres which are 83.1 acres burned per fire? And so far in 2017 from January thru May 57,585 fires burned 2,763,464 acres burned which are 48.0 acres burned per fire.[1]



Burn bans, restrictions on bringing your own firewood, wilderness restrictions, approved and non-approved fire pits. No wonder there are so many restrictions on campfires. How do you make sense of these and make it safer and easier?

Many, campgrounds have specific rules and regulations about campfires. The USDA/Forest Service has published guidelines on campfire restrictions, including those areas that allow campfires and foraging or cutting wood. State campgrounds also have campfire restrictions, including burn bans and bringing your own firewood (firewood carried from campsite to campsite causes insects and diseases to migrate.) And now, some independent campgrounds have a “community fire pit” and don’t allow open fires. Not to mention the neighbors being bothered by billowing smoke from your campfire into their camp spaces, tents or RVs.

But campfires are some of the greatest pleasures of going camping. Aren’t they? A fire provides warmth, sparks discussion, and can be mesmerizing and relaxing as you stare at it for awhile. It just doesn’t get any better than roasting a weenie over an open fire, cooking a t-bone and burgers, roasting marshmallows and s’mores, or just sitting around the campfire enjoying the moment. And let’s not forget those ghost stories told around a campfire.

What’s a camper to do?

Have you thought about a propane fire pit?



Like the rest of you, we enjoy a good campfire, but there are places where it’s not safe or allowed. So we purchased a propane fire pit. Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit And we love it!

It has a 4.5-star rating with 178 customer reviews and is an Amazon Prime deal, so if you’re a Prime member, you get free shipping too. It packs up small and is easily stored.

This little beauty does it all and is actually easier than a wood fire. It allows you to regulate the flame and you can turn it off with the twist of a dial without worrying about smoldering embers or wasting your precious water to put out your fire. It’s a great alternative to a wood burning campfire, it’s safer and easier to control. And now, we won’t go camping without it.

Stay safe out there and enjoy making memories!

[1] Courtesy of National Center for Environmental Information (US)