Road Trip

Just clip it!

How many of you get tired of poor quality items on your motorhome?  Today, for us, it’s CLIPS!  You know the ones that hold your basement doors open for you?  We have gone through numerous clips.  It seems like we always had one that was broken and we always kept extras “just in case.”  I got tired of ordering them and I hate for paying for things over and over again, so we looked for a better solution and guess what. Amazon to the rescue again.  We found these:

5 Pack RV Stainless Steel Baggage Door Catch Square

Since installing these stainless steel clips, we haven’t had to replace a single one. They look good, don’t rust and hold up!!!  We couldn’t be happier. (if it’s possible for clips to make anyone happy).   If you’re dealing with clips that keep breaking, give these a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

Now, does anyone know a good solution for the clips that keep the sliding closet doors closed while traveling?  I keep breaking those off too and haven’t found a replacement for those.

Happy and safe travels!!!