No striping
Road Trip

No more stripping!!!!

Whew … yes, we finally finished stripping the striping off Myles, our DTV (Dog Transport Vehicle).  Remember what Myles first looked like when we bought him?


The striping Myles has was making him look old and aged, so we decided to remove it and went through the process in Myles – Dog Transport Vehicle (DTV) – getting a face lift.  And we got him looking pretty good.  But some areas were giving us headaches.  Stripping striping shouldn’t be so hard, right?  Wrong!


The darker maroon and lighter rose gold stripes had enough metallic flakes in them to make it difficult to remove.  We had to resort to wet sanding by hand.  That should be clarified to say “Thom had to resort to wet sanding by hand” (I didn’t do any wet sanding, I was the cheerleader). By using a very fine grit sandpaper, Thom wet sanded the rest of the striping, it took about a day, but Myles was finally stripped.


We like the clean look and still trying to decide if we should restripe him.  So, we’re going to live with it for a while and go from there.    Leave him stripeless or add new stripes.  What do you think?