Myles old striping
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Myles – Dog Transport Vehicle (DTV) – getting a face lift

We’ve thought for a while now that Myles’ faded and cracked striping made him look a lot older than he really is, especially with Larry looking so young and vibrant.

Larry and Quigley
… so it’s time for a facelift.  And it’s been quite the project.

It took mainly three types of products to accomplish this task.

  • 3-M Adhesive Eraser
  • Goo gone
  • Razor Scraper Tool with Plastic Blades

First, we attached the Adhesive Eraser to our battery charged electric drill and went to town.  That took off most of the striping, but we found out that we went through batteries very quickly.  Even with two batteries, we had to wait for batteries to charge.  So we stepped up and bought a cheap corded electric drill. It was a good $20 investment for this project and allowed us to use the eraser on the drill until we couldn’t hold our arms up anymore.

Some of the striping removed
It has taken us a little bit longer to remove these aged decals working 3-4 hours per day than we initially thought it would.  And we’re still working on it.

Remember when I said most of the striping?  We had one color of striping that had a few metallic flecks in the stripe and that proved to be the biggest challenge to remove.  That striping just didn’t want to come off.

We tried a couple of things  … the adhesive eraser, a heat gun, and finally figured out that “Goo Gone” along with the plastic razor scraper worked the best.

But only if we did this first thing in the morning when it was still rather cool and the sun wasn’t shining on Myles.  Once it started warming up, forget about it, it became significantly more difficult to remove.  It was like the sun baked the striping on even more as the day became warmer.

So, we’re getting there, slowly but surely.  So far we’re pretty happy with the way Myles is looking.  We don’t need a paint job and we thought we might.

The jury is still out as to whether or not we put new striping on Myles.  He’s a bit of an exhibitionist, so he’s feeling pretty good about going “stripeless.”  But he’s a little worried that he looks like a giant milk truck, or Moby Dick’s little brother, Myles Dick.

What do you think?  Stay tuned for the finished product of our work in progress.

6 thoughts on “Myles – Dog Transport Vehicle (DTV) – getting a face lift”

  1. Like Miles, I myself am a bit of an exhibitionist but I do like a little something to leave to the imagination. So I say give the boy some strips. I mean he doesn’t want to be known as Myles Dick.

    1. Yeah … there’s just something about Myles Dick that doesn’t sound right. Not quite as mellifluous as Moby Dick. And he’s pretty proud of his physic for being as old as he is. We’ll just see how he feels in a little while.

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