Road Trip

Myles runneth over (Lesson learned)

WAKE UP – Myles is flooded!”  That was the wake-up call this morning at 6:00 AM.  Panic, doors slamming and some extremely creative cussing.

Not a good way to wake up for anyone.  Yes, that’s right, we were experiencing a flood.  Noah would have been proud. There ensued a lot of loudly whispered swearing and cursing (of course, we didn’t want to wake the neighbors with our noisy disaster).  “How did this happen?” “What’s going on?” “Get up, I need your help!” …and so on and so forth.

Thankfully, we caught it pretty quickly and it didn’t cause any damage.  The gray water tank was full and it had filled up the shower pan which in turn started to overflow and run out onto the floor.  (It’s a good thing we had removed the carpet and installed vinyl, it made the clean up a whole lot easier).  We were able to contain the entire flood with about 6 bath towels so things were cleaned up rather quickly.  We were glad it was the gray tank and not the black tank.  In that regard, luck was with us.

So, what happened?  What could have caused this disaster (of epic proportions) and started a beautiful morning off so badly?  Turns out that during a nocturnal visit to the bathroom the water didn’t get shut off as thoroughly as it should have and it caused the gray tank to fill and back up.

We had plans to replace both the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen and they were on our “to do” list but down closer to the bottom.  All of a sudden faucet replacement has moved up the list and we’ll be working on that quite a bit sooner than we had planned.

Chalk it up to another “Lesson learned.”