Myles Make Over (or how we updated our Rexhall RoseAir BSL3250 to meet our needs – for the dogs)

Remember when I talked about why we purchased Myles?  How we decided to buy a motorhome so our 3 dogs could travel with us?  When we purchased Myles, we were pretty excited but wanted to put our own touches on the beast.  Above you can see the “after” photo and below, you can see the “before” photo.  (That’s Thom relaxing in the motorhome on one of our first nights – no dogs yet, we were bringing Myles to his new home.)


The biggest change we made was to remove the carpet and install high-grade vinyl flooring.    What a change that made for us.  So much easier to keep clean and we don’t worry about the floor with 3 dogs running back and forth.  Plus we’re pleased with the results and the way it looks!


And, as you can see from the pictures, we also removed the couch, booth seating and the table.  We added two European leather recliners that are much more comfortable than the booth seating, plus provide more room for the dogs.  When we travel, we strap them down.   In the event of an accident (God forbid) they don’t become projectiles.

We also did a few other things that aren’t as noticeable.  Like:

  • Removed old TV in front and replaced with a flat screen
  • Removed the old TV in the bedroom
  • Obtained a portable washer/dryer combo (that way we don’t have to worry about finding a laundromat)
  • Updated the front windshield daytime sheers
  • Installed all new LED lighting
  • Installed a new water filter

Everything is almost new and the best part – the refrigerator is a full sized refrigerator. The only thing we don’t have is a dishwasher but Thom and I have a “deal”. He cooks (cause he’s a much better cook than I am) and I clean up.  With only two of us, clean up is a breeze!


We still have room for 3-4 visitors and we can also have 2 over night guests.  We have a couple of extra folding chairs we can pull out and two padded cots for overnight guests.  All stored in the handy dandy storage area under the queen bed in our bedroom.

Next, working on Myle’s exterior – removing the faded and cracked striping.  Then a facelift of buffing and waxing to make him all shiny and pretty.

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