Road Trip

Shake Down Trip – our first night.

I mentioned in our “Thar she blows!!! (Lesson learned)” Post that we were on our maiden voyage and “shake down” trip and let me tell you we were “all shook up.”  No, really, things turned out pretty well considering it was our first trip and we didn’t know what the heck we were doing.

Our first stop was near Vantage WA right off I-90 and on the beautiful Columbia River.  Wanapum State Park and Ginkgo Petrified Forest. It was a gorgeous RV park, and the petrified forest was worth every minute.  But be prepared that park is WINDY and boy do I mean WINDY.  The night we stayed there they had wind warnings of 60 miles per hour with gusts up to 80, poor Myles, he was shaking in the wind.  And to top it off, we decided to bring our slide-outs in because it was so windy we thought they’d get “tweaked” and might cause problems.

Well, we did have problems, the slide-outs made the firm decision NOT TO GO BACK IN!!!  A kindly neighbor stopped by and he and Thom went through everything.  They finally figured out it was the connectors on the switches and once those were cleaned everything went in fine.

One thing we found out was that the “come along” that was supposed to come along with our motorhome was missing.  These usually come standard in a motorhome with slide-outs so that they can be pulled in manually if necessary.  So, another trip to Amazon to purchase a “come along” “just in case.”  We are happy with the American Power Pull 18700 1-ton Pull we found and it should work very well.  Let’s hope we never have to find out.

We also learned what camps mean when they say “pull thru right” or “pull thru left.”  Do you know what that means?  It means that if it says “pull thru right” the power and water connections will be on the RIGHT (passenger) side of your motorhome when you pull in.  And of course, “pull thru left” means that the connections will be on the LEFT (driver’s) side when you pull in.  It’s a good thing our hoses and cords were long enough to go under Myles to connect to the water and power.  Our other alternative was to pull in the other way, but that would have meant missing the beautiful view of the Columbia River and rolling hills.

It was a long night with Myles rocking back and forth (not because of anything we were doing), and neither of us got much sleep but when the winds calmed down the view was gorgeous. Plus there is a log of activities; swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, bike riding, etc. and well worth a visit to see the petrified forest.


It’s a gorgeous place to stay with evenly spaced and large sites but even without wind warnings, it’s pretty windy, so be prepared.