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Thar she blows!!! (Lesson learned)

Nothing’s scarier than a tire blowing on your RV when you’re traveling 60+ miles per hour. It happened to us.

When we bought the motorhome one of the things we had checked were the tires.  They looked good with little wear.  And that was nice; we felt a sense of comfort knowing that we wouldn’t have to replace tires soon.

We were taking what we considered our “shake down” trip with the dogs across the state of Washington and back again.  And, we blew a tire and when I say blew, I mean blew.  It was loud and scary!

It was the inside rear tire on the driver’s side, the sidewall blew completely out and pulled the tread off.  The outside tire was still fine.  When it blew, Thom saw some insulation fly out the back end, it didn’t pull to one side, although if it had been a front tire, we’re both sure it would have been a different story.

Thom handled it like a pro and was able to pull over to the side of the road safely. Luckily we were near a small town and were able to limp off the interstate to an exit and find a place to park.  We called our roadside assistance service and called a local tire store, and it was replaced within an hour, and we were on our way.  FullSizeRender

Once we got home, Thom took a look under the coach and noticed that the damage was much worse than just the tire.  When the tire blew, it affected the exhaust system of our generator, and that exhaust was wrapped around our axle.  We were so very very lucky; we made it home.

So, what did we learn?  Just because a tire looks like it’s in good shape and almost new, doesn’t mean that it is.   Once we found out how to check the date of manufacture, we found out our tires were over nine years old.  We were lucky it didn’t blow earlier.  We also learned that tires blowing could cause additional damage to your motorhome.

It was an expensive lesson because we had to buy six new RV tires and we made sure to buy the safest tires we could find.  A valuable resource for us was from the Michelin Tire Company with their “Tires 101, ” and from an article they shared on their website; “Motorhome Tire Article – Tread Carefully.”

We still need to have the exhaust system for the generator repaired, which means there could be other damage we haven’t learned about yet.

Have you learned any tire lessons to share?  What else should we/could we do to make sure our tires are in good shape?  Any suggestions you could offer to our readers?

Stay safe and pay attention to your tires!!

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