Road Trip

We bought the Motorhome for the dogs!

Yes, that’s right…the dogs! Myles is basically a mobile doghouse that we get to pay for, maintain and drive.

Actually, we like traveling and wanted to see more of the US but with three dogs the cost of boarding the dogs was so expensive. How could we travel and take the dogs with us? Let’s buy an RV!!!

So, after much dithering and going back and forth we committed to making the purchase and the hunt was on. Thom is excellent at finding vehicles online that are good deals and even better at negotiating once he finds what he wants. We decided early on a Rexhall model because of the steel beam construction.

Craig’s List here we come, a nationwide search for a Rexhall Motorhome. We knew what we wanted to spend and we knew how big (read, long) we wanted. It had to be less than $20,000 and it had to be less than 32′ long. We found one, and boom it was sold before we could even call. We found another and it was sold out from under us as well.

We found one in Phoenix. Thom spent quite a bit of time talking to the owner online and over the phone and then we sent our son who lives in Phoenix to go take a look. He gave us a “thumbs up” and we bought Myles SIGHT UNSEEN! That same day we bought a plane ticket and flew to Phoenix the next day. We took a longer, more thorough look and decided to commit. You gotta love PayPal, we were able to transfer funds to the owner and drive away.

We had it checked out by a mechanic…tires, check; engine, check; oil, check; transmission, check; and everything else; check. We had someone walk us through the set up and tear down and then we had it detailed. Seattle here we come.

The ride home was great with no troubles whatsoever and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We did learn one really important lesson and we’ll tell you about it in our next post. Stay tuned.

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