Road Trip

Welcome to our Blog, Wobbly Road (or the adventures of the Grier pack in Myles the motorhome and Larry the tow)

Welcome, we’re so glad you decided to join us.  With Myles, our motor home; Larry, our Suzuki Sidekick tow, and three dogs, we’re hitting the road.

We developed this blog for our friends, family, and anyone interested in following us on our travels. We’re beginning our journeys across the US with our pack of three dogs – Quigley a 12-year-old, 58-pound creme labradoodle; Kyle a 10-year-old, 28-pound black labradoodle; and Kosmo (who thinks he’s the leader of the pack) an 8-year-old 12-pound creme poodle.

Our very first post, we’re preparing for a couple of trips.  Three days at Alderwood Lodge in Washington State during July and then a 38-day trip starting in August and traveling through Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Oregon.

It will definitely be a learning experience going with our “pack”.  Keep your fingers crossed and follow us through all of our foibles and adventures as we explore as many places as we can.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to our Blog, Wobbly Road (or the adventures of the Grier pack in Myles the motorhome and Larry the tow)”

  1. Hi Deb and Thom! I’m very excited to read about your adventures! Maybe your journey’s will take you to Alabama? We have a lot of great state parks and sites to visit! And ME!
    Safe Travels!

  2. Hi Deb and Thom,
    Love the picture and the names of your vehicles! Warms my heart that you will have your critters with you on your travels! Excited to hear more and to know when you will be hitting New England. Lots of beautiful country to see in my neck of the woods. Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, White Mountains in New Hampshire and gorgeous, lush farm country and White Mountains in Vermont! Not to mention, the Atlantic Seacoast of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island! You have a LOT of country to see! Looking forward to your continued blogging!

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